A Slippery Slope


As with many Americans, I have been following and reacting to the recent Supreme Court rulings and other political events.  I am very passionate about human rights.  I know what it is like to have my freedom stolen from me.  Some may say that I am an extreme example, and while that may be true, I know that the oppression of an individual always starts small.
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Everyone has a different understanding of miracles. Depending on your perspective, they mean everything from a massive shift in circumstances to spiritual enlightenment. Google defines it as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine”. My understanding comes from personal experience. I define a miracle as a “realization” or a change in the way we see the world. I am not referring to an intellectual understanding. I am referring to a deep inner knowing in which the entire self is aligned.
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From Dissociation to Awareness

I have had another great opportunity to be a guest blogger. This is a great blog discussing techniques to overcome C-PTSD.

C PTSD - A Way Out

A guest post by Elisabeth, who writes about her experiences as a trauma survivor at stolenchildhood.wordpress.com


Dissociation was my defense mechanism of choice when I was young. The sexual, physical and emotional abuse started when I was only three years old, and I could not escape it, so I learned to leave my body entirely. At the time, it kept me sane. In adulthood, it wasn’t serving me, but I didn’t know that.

When I found yoga sixteen years ago, I was living my life in my mind. I did not realize that there was another way to live. I was so dissociated that the only moments I spent in my body were in yoga class, and honestly, I was pretty good at doing yoga without grounding myself (except for the balancing postures).

I first heard about healing meditation during a trip to an ashram. Honestly, before the trip, I…

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The Innocence of Man

Little Fisherman

Not surprisingly, Father’s Day is not my favorite of the Hallmark holidays.  I have never had a problem with Valentine’s Day, because being single is my choice.  I have never had a problem with Mother’s Day, because I am a mother.  I have always been able to make that day a celebration of me.  And well, who doesn’t like that?  I suppose that Father’s Day would be easier for me if the twins’ father was still alive, but I am not sure about that.

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Finding My Flow

Turtle 2

I have moved past the point in my life where I describe myself by what I do for a living, but if I had to, I would say I’m a program manager.  By nature, program managers are highly organized (if they are any good).  I am also finishing three years of school with a master’s degree.  I am also a single mother.  I manage to balance my multi-faceted life with my recovery process.  Generally, this happens without the world caving in around me.  I can manage a very busy life.  As a matter of a fact, that is my favorite defense mechanism.  If I am busy, I don’t have to stop and look at all the stuff from my past.  This defense mechanism was particularly helpful when I was still repressing the entirety of my childhood experiences.

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