Recovery Partners Beating Trauma

This paid subscription blog evaluates the trauma-informed research, theory and practice from a social work and survivor perspective, providing recovery partners with a unique understanding of their clients who have experienced trauma. The blog will also feature interviews with clinicians and other survivors for a well-rounded perspective. The blog subscription will include answers to questions through email and accessibility to resource lists.

Examples of articles include:

The Dissociation Continuum – DID, Memory Repression and Everyday Inattentiveness
The Belief Systems That Hold Back Trauma Survivors
What Happens to the Brain During Recovery?
The Critical Role of Body Work in the Recovery Process
A Diagnosis is Nice, but Trauma Doesn’t Work Like That

Below are some partner roles that could benefit from this information:

Trauma Survivors
Therapists entering the Field of Trauma Recovery
Medical Professionals
First Responders
Law Enforcement
In-Home Counseling Agencies
Social Services
Child Advocates
Residential Facilities for Domestic Violence, Abuse, Trafficking Victims
College Teachers and Students
Churches Helping Trauma Survivors
Attorneys Acting as Guardians
Primary School Educators
Foster Care and Adoptive Parents

Please consider subscribing and expanding your perspective of trauma-informed care by sending an email.


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