Survivors Beating Trauma (Forum)

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Survivor Support Forum Link

This survivor support forum is for survivors of sexual violence.

If you would like to join the forum, please send me a confidential email using the contact form below, and I will send you an invitation.

Here are the forum rules:

1)  The type of sexual violence that you experienced does not matter.  It could have been rape, sexual assault, sex trafficking or childhood sex abuse.  All sexual violence survivors are welcome here.

2)  Men and women are welcome to participate.  I will moderate for gender-based discrimination.

3)  I will not ask for any proof of a sexually violent past.  You have probably struggled enough with getting people to believe you.

4)  You will have to register with WordPress to access this forum, but you are not required to have a blog.

5)  When you register with WordPress, you can have an anonymous username and profile.  You are not expected to reveal your identity.  However, if you want to reveal your identity, you are perfectly welcome to do so.

6)  All comments will be moderated.  If I do not feel a comment is supportive in nature, I will not allow it to be posted.

7)  This forum is not meant to replace any clinical therapy or intense inner work with a helper.  I am not a licensed clinical therapist.  The goal of this forum is to facilitate open, supportive and vulnerable discussion about everyday difficulties for sexual violence survivors.

8)  If you need to discuss any of our conversations with your therapist, feel free.  Otherwise, the individual comments should stay confidential.  I reserve the right to advertise the topics on social media as I invite new survivors to join.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation.  Healing can happen here.


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