Introducing the New


I am excited to announce the launch of my new website at  The new site continues to host and share my weekly blog, but now I am offering programs and resources designed to encourage and support trauma recovery through awareness by working together, one-on-one and in community.

Here’s a first look:

I will work one-on-one with survivors through email guidance to establish a personal roadmap to address trauma triggers and the affects they have on their daily life.

I will also provide specific email guidance related to parenting as a survivor, a key element in my own recovery process.  In September, I will be launching my first parenting workshop for survivors.

I will continuing my survivor forum on the new site with discussion topics which parallel the blog, workshops and training.  This will continue to be a free offering.

I am extending my outreach with more topics for in-person speaking and workshops to organizations dedicated to building awareness of the impact of trauma.

If you followed my blog via e-mail, you will continue to receive my weekly blogs through my email newsletter.  You will also receive my free eBook automatically in the next week.

If you have followed my blog using a WordPress feed, you will no longer receive updates when I post a new blog. So please make sure to follow this link and sign up through the website to continue to hear from me.

My weekly newsletter will include my blog and other offerings as they become available.  And when you sign up, you will receive my free eBook which steps you through the awareness challenge in trauma recovery work!

Join me in this new endeavor as we work together to heal and manifest the change needed for our future and the generations beyond.

Thank you so much.

Elisabeth Corey, MSW


Stop Saving & Start Loving


We all have that inner child part that is waiting to be rescued. It doesn’t require something awful to happen in our childhoods. At some point in our childhoods, we were not treated fairly and our needs were not met. This is natural. Children are born with needs that are hard for adults to meet. And so, deep inside, there is a part that waits for those needs to be met by others.

This insatiable and global desire for a hero to rescue us manifests everywhere. We see it in our movies and books about super heroes of all shapes and sizes. We see it in those co-dependent relationships which never seem to meet our expectations. And we see it in the anti-trafficking movement. Continue reading