I Can’t Make Me Happy


I think all the time. I have always been overly cognitive. Inhabiting my body was not safe when I was a child. I invented a much nicer world in my head and it helped me through some horrible situations. But constant thinking is a recipe for disaster. It is easy to take small things and turn them in to big things. That’s how the brain works. It stays in charge that way.

The problem with the “brain on trauma” is the creation of problems that do not exist. The brain will take those old separated emotions and create a problem to accompany them. Then, the brain will create all sorts of approaches to resolve the non-existent problem. This overactive brain of mine has led to heavy anxiety levels and an exhaustion that reflects running a marathon a day. Continue reading


The Innocence of Man

Little Fisherman

Not surprisingly, Father’s Day is not my favorite of the Hallmark holidays.  I have never had a problem with Valentine’s Day, because being single is my choice.  I have never had a problem with Mother’s Day, because I am a mother.  I have always been able to make that day a celebration of me.  And well, who doesn’t like that?  I suppose that Father’s Day would be easier for me if the twins’ father was still alive, but I am not sure about that.

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