The Truth about Trafficking

My latest article on The Huffington Post discusses the stereotypes about trafficking as I attempt to raise society’s awareness about the reality behind the scourge.  The image choice is not my preference as it perpetuates the stereotypes.

The Huffington Post: The Truth about Trafficking


4 thoughts on “The Truth about Trafficking

  1. *tears* Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for writing the glaring truth that some people DO see, but HAVE turned a blind eye to!! I am a trafficking survivor as are you, sold by my family who were also in a cult. As a result, I’m shattered in a million pieces and have DID. We read your blogs and take great hope in healing and thank you for insight shared and in others as well, your a HERO!
    I think there are a few types of people in the world we as trafficked kids were surrounded by, those that participated in the trafficking activities and cover-up, those that turned a blind eye, and people that had no clue that a Fire Chief and other men AND women prominent positions could be a part of something so evil. People think trafficking happens in other countries or all sex workers choose what they are doing, The truth is these stereotypes need to be busted as you said! Trafficking happens across all classes, in all countries and most of all our own!! Worst of all trafficking happens by the very people that are supposed to love, protect and nurture us. I commend you for rending your heart here for others to share in the journey of healing and in turn take those necessary healing steps as well. More importantly, to embrace a sense of hope and camaraderie in this battle to restore and regain our lives. I leave you with a quote that means a lot to us and that I personally believe encapsulates healing for a trafficking survivor. “You are a beautiful soul WRAPPED UP IN A HUMAN BODY. It’s your job to unwrap and FIND YOUR SOUL AGAIN” Steven Aichenson

    Blessings and Many Thanks for the Words and Work you do!

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